About me.


I am probably a romantic.

There are three things I love in life: music, words, and people.  Most of my thirty-five years have been spent engaging these in some capacity, and they are my soul, best as that evanescent concept can be captured.

As a child and adolescent I studied the piano for eight years, committing to heart and mind the works of Mozart and Chopin.  As an older musician, I commit my ear to the creation of new music, alone and with contemporaries, the tenor saxophone my muse of late.  If you want to find us, we are Lone Pine Mall.

I attended Purdue University to study literature and teaching, where I  pored over the words of others.  I met my brilliant and beautiful wife Caitlin working on my Masters degree at Kennesaw State University, where I spent three years trying to improve my own.  She is my best friend, and my best editor.

As a professional, I took my infant steps selling primary and secondary education books door-to-door on location while in college.  Since, I have worked in careers at the Art Institute of Atlanta, served as representative for a construction manufacturing firm, and currently serve as CSO for Center Stage, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia.

Of all of that which I can claim as my own, however, the most cherished are my family and the close friendships I have been privileged enough to cultivate through the years.  One could not ask for better people to go to battle with.  Many times I have been their shoulder; many times they have been mine.

I love fiction, in any form, and in particular narratives with a strong human connection.  As a reader, I have recently felt the lure of the well-written autobiography, which offers the beguiling fusion of authentic narrative and personal truth.  The colorful style associated with such work has led me to explore the merits of creative non-fiction as a writer.  To this end, I am collaborating with my friend and colleague Paul Leslie to complete a book chronicling his 315 mile walk from Panama City to New Orleans which he endeavored in commemoration of the Fats Domino song as well as to raise money for the victims of Katrina.

Finally, a list of those things for which I have passion, but no time left to write about: my cat and owner Loki, Indian food, running and fitness, good coffee, sunshine, philosophy, the Saints, guitar, anything involving water or the ocean, a great glass of wine, the occasional online game, travel, audiobooks, and Shakespeare.


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